Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Consider how internal planets animate the soul

In Charleston, South Carolina, Rev. Peter Edward Lanzillotta blogs "The Sun, The Soul, and The Solistice" in which he states "Today’s theme is a mythopoetic one - it’s about symbols and synchronicities and the archetypal connections between the yearly cycle of the Sun, the solstice, and the changes in one’s life; the revolutions of the heart, the seasons of the soul." According to Lanzillotta:
In his first book, The Planets Within, Thomas Moore makes this observation and conclusion: "There is a solar consciousness, an awareness of the spiritual value in material things, bringing these things to life, animating them... giving them soul."

This ability of the Sun to influence us can be taken one step further. As our emotional patterns and possibilities are very much a part of each of us, so too, it could be said that the Sun adds to the vitality and to the clarity of our identities; that the Sun affects the human soul or psyche as well. Moore points out that we should read these mythic and astrological symbols as an internal landscape, not as hard science. He favors the view that the symbolic qualities of the planets, the Sun and the Moon, and the stars of the heavens, create for us distinct patterns for discernment - they create patterns not only in the night sky, but also in our psyches - [a sky-chart within. The planets in this sky within, somehow correspond with the deeply felt movements and inclinations of the soul.] In the mythopoetic language of astrology and mythology, these movements and the patterns they create, can be seen as celestial clues to our internal workings, and their movements might be barely perceptible at first, but within time can be cumulative and transformative."
Lanzillotta, a Unitarian Universalist minister since 1982, guides Interfaith Services of The Low Country.