Monday, May 31, 2010

Pain and pleasure shape soulful personalities

On her Huffington Post blog this week, Dr. Judith Rich writes about ego and soul perspectives in her entry, "Soulful Living: Why Is Cultivating the Soul So Painful?" Her quote from Thomas Moore’s Care of the Soul, includes his observation, "A soulful personality is complicated, multifaceted, and shaped by both pain and pleasure, success and failure. Life lived soulfully is not without its moments of darkness and periods of foolishness." Rich also echoes Moore’s distinction between cure and care, while suggesting "The soul begs us to turn toward our pain, not away from it, for there in the midst of our suffering, lies the path to liberation." This week's post attracts more than 80 comments that also contribute to creating a community for soulful living. Rich’s post last week, "How to Know the Way of the Soul" updates last year's list of ten ways to live soulfully.