Monday, May 24, 2010

House Calls with My Camera showing until Oct. 11

Carol Goar, a member of the Editorial Board at The Toronto Star writes a column, Glimpse into a lonely, hidden world," about a current exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario of 36 photographs taken by Dr. Mark Nowaczynskiat. The exhibit, House Calls with my Camera shows, according to Goar, "a Toronto doctor's photo essay of elderly Canadians trapped in their homes and forsaken by the health-care system. They're too frail or disabled to get to a physician's office. And physicians are too busy to come to them."

Goar writes, "The exhibition delivers multiple messages. It challenges young doctors to revive a tradition that never should have died. It forces health-care bureaucrats to acknowledge that the rush to schedule more high-volume procedures and produce more measurable results is leaving those who built this country behind. And it offers the public a rare glimpse into the keepsake-stuffed apartments and rundown homes where seniors live, fearing institutionalization as much as death. Take an hour to see the display. Ask yourself if this could be your grandparent or parent — or someday you."

GTA readers of Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul in Medicine may wish to visit this exhibit in its second floor gallery. The photographs are on display until 11 October 2010.