Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blogger recommends Writing in the Sand

In a blog post called "soul musing", blogger AMF comments on Thomas Moore’s recent book about the Gospels: “I am appreciating the joyous thoughts on life, to be more specific, Jesus's life, as written by Thomas Moore in his newest book, Writing in the Sand. I picked it up at the most auspicious moment, as I had recently sent an email of discontent to a local pastor after I listened to his sermon." AMF’s email addressed the pastor's description of karma and his response asked about grace and sin.

AMF continues, "I didn't think much more about my email until today as I read Moore's book on the Gospels. Moore actually gives me another perspective on what grace can mean in the context of receiving grace and giving grace. The manner in which he depicts pieces of the Gospel are refreshing, so much so that I wish to reread them to really hear what Jesus had to say ~ not as a zealot trying to save the world, but (as Moore describes) one who came to heal the world. Moore is very philosophical and spiritual in his description of Jesus without being confined by dogma of any one faith. This allows his interpretations and exploration to be very freeing."

She writes, "The complexity of it all is overwhelming, even I struggle as I type these words. I pray that anyone who reads this not be turned off from the book if my words offend. Instead, visit your local library, check out the book and read it with an open mind and spirit."