Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Make a home for creativity to live soulfully

Today, Meredith Stern blogs about the idea of home with shared images and poetry. She opines, "We long to be comfortable in our own skin, our own psyche, our internal life. In this internal life we find creativity sitting ... sometimes quietly ... often times ready to explode up out of us. The ultimate creativity is to live mortality instead of avoiding it (thomas moore). It is here that one finds that spark of living from the soul." Her post includes a wood cut by Hari Kirin (Joan Hanley) published in Moore's Original Self: Living with Paradox and Originality (2000).

Stern also includes a poetic excerpt by Emily Dickinson:
"We are by September
and yet my flowers are as bold as June.
Amherst has gone to Eden.
To shut our eyes is Travel. The
seasons understand this.
How lonesome to be an Article!
I mean — to have no soul."

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