Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Complexity, confusion contribute to awe, wonder

In Washington D.C., Reya Mellicker blogs about Thomas Moore's advice, Live simply, be complicated.

She describes the return of a borrowed copy of Moore's Original Self. Leafing through it confirmed her agreement with Moore's approaches: "My head has been nodding. Yes, yes and yes. Moore and James Hillman, and other "archtetypal psychologists" - at least that's what they used to call themselves - are very interested in human depth, more interested in soulfulness than cleverness or stability or "success" - whatever that means - in life."

Mellicker writes, "It's such a relief to read someone who believes, as I do, that people are very complex, and therefore endlessly fascinating. I don't have to understand everything or maintain control over my life, according to Moore. The very idea of control is a fantasy, he says. I couldn't agree more! I'm allowed to be confused which also makes possible states of awe and wonder - as well as possibilities outside the limitations of the status quo. Splendid indeed is the multiverse of Thomas Moore. Oh yeah!"