Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Novelist reading books by Moore and Hillman now

For The Guardian last Friday, novelist Nicola Barker shares in "Books that Made Me" her current reading material:
At the moment I’m rereading Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore and A Blue Fire by James Hillman. They’re archetypal psychologists. I’m fairly new to this stuff and am thoroughly beguiled by it.
Moore also wrote the introduction for and edited A Blue Fire.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Moore and Hillman listed as modern saints

This week for The Irish Catholic, Fr Ronald Rolheiser writes "Needed: Specific Kinds of Saints" in which he talks about today's needed role models who may show the way in our times. He suggests:
"So what kind of saints do we need today? 
We need saints who can honour the goodness of the world, even as they honour God. We need women and men who can show us how to walk with a living faith inside a culture which believes that world here is enough and that the issues of God and the next life are peripheral. We need saints who can walk with a steady, adult faith in the face of the world’s sophistication, its pathological restlessness, its over-stimulated grandiosity, its numbing distractions, and its overpowering temptations."
In the list of people who have influenced him, Rolheiser includes Thomas Moore and James Hillman:
"Among those of my own generation, I’m indebted to Raymond E. Brown, Charles Taylor, Daniel Berrigan, Jean Vanier, Mary Jo Leddy, Henri Nouwen, Thomas Keating, Jim Wallis, Richard Rohr, Elizabeth Johnson, Parker Palmer, Barbara Brown Taylor, Wendy Wright, Gerhard Lohfink, Kathleen Dowling Singh, Jim Forest, John Shea, James Hillman, Thomas Moore and Marilynne Robinson."