Friday, November 03, 2006

Beliefnet and Yahoo Personals are joining hands

Beliefnet and Yahoo Personals are forming a relationship with Yahoo Personals hosting Beliefnet's Soulmatch online dating service. This allows Beliefnet to offer ten times as many dating profiles of people who identify themselves as being spiritual. Yahoo Personals will create an online spirituality centre that features Beliefnet content including Thomas Moore's advice columns on relationships and spirituality. Current Soulmatch members will be redirected to the new area, where they have an option to search profiles sorted by spirituality or religious preference, or accessing the complete Yahoo Personals database. Soulmatch subscribers will receive three free months of service before being invited to sign up at the same rate as Yahoo Personals members, $24.95 U.S. monthly. Yahoo Personals draws about five million visitors a month with 65 percent of Yahoo Personals members describing themselves as being religious or spiritual. It is reported that Beliefnet's community has more than nine million members.