Saturday, January 07, 2006

Soul of Computer Science by Richard Epstein

The Soul of Computer Science is an essay by Richard G. Epstein, Professor of Computer Science at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, that he describes as,
"an attempt to explore the soul of computer science from a psychological perspective. An important concept in this essay is the Jungian concept of the "alchemy of work," that is, viewing work as work on the soul. This essay also explores the relationship between computer science and intelligence in the universe."
Epstein relies on Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul for his understanding of soul. He says that Moore "achieves a non-sectarian and intuitive concept of soul which computer scientists of many different persuasions might be able to embrace... Moore’s book, in particular, with its non-sectarian and almost non-specific depiction of soul will serve as an excellent point of departure for our discussion."

The essay, written a few years ago, is also available as a four part series through the Metanexus Institute.