Saturday, October 12, 2019

Your soul cries for attention; give it what it wants

"Are you giving your soul what it wants?" asks Tom Rapsas in his recent Wake Up Call post. He refers to the writings of various authors and includes:
"Writing in Original Self: Living with Paradox and Originality, Thomas Moore digs a little deeper into the wants of the soul. As he has shown in a dozen books on the subject, Moore has seemingly intuited the inner workings of the soul and what makes us tick."
He then quotes Moore directly:
"The soul has its own set of rules, which are not the same as those of life. Unlike the steady progress of history, the events of the soul are cyclic and repetitive. Familiar themes come round and round. The past is more important than the future. The living and dead have equal roles. Emotions and the sense of meaning are paramount. Pleasures are deep, and pain can reach the very foundations of our existence."
Read Rapsas' musings to help you to answer his headlining question for yourself.