Saturday, June 30, 2018

Ask yourself deeply: What does the soul want?

At the beginning of this month, Holly Mae Haddock asks and answers "What Is Suffering Good For? Practicing Care of The Soul" in a post on the site for Villa Kali Ma, Residential Treatment for Women in San Diego, California.

Haddock bases her observations on Thomas Moore's book Care of the Soul as she describes differences between living from ego and living from soul. She writes:
"I love Thomas Moore’s point of view. He understands the fundamental quandary that those of us in recovery are in, once addiction sets us on our spiritual path. The quandary is exasperatingly, beautifully simple: sometimes our soul needs something that our ego doesn’t want."
Haddock offers an earlier post about James Hillman's work called "The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of The Soul’s Code.