Monday, December 18, 2017

Tom Rapsas responds to Moore's Ageless Soul

For his blog with Patheos, Tom Rapsas discusses Thomas Moore's new book, Ageless Soul: The Lifelong Journey toward Meaning and Joy in two posts:

13 November 2017 "Are you just growing old — or are you aging with purpose?"

17 November 2017 "The 10 Keys to Happier Aging"

In the first piece, Rapsas asks:
"Are you becoming more and more aware of your advancing age? Do you wonder if you’re making the most of your life — or fear that the best years of your life may be behind you? If you can relate to these questions, then Thomas Moore’s new book Ageless Soul is required reading.
As you may know, Moore has written for decades on various facets of the soul and has now turned his attention to how aging impacts this deepest part of our selves."
In the second piece, Rapsas writes that in his "wonderful book":
"Thomas Moore has provided us with an invaluable cheat sheet, a 10-point checklist that captures all that the soul values in aging and retirement, and some might say, life."
Tom Rapsas