Friday, April 21, 2017

Married people urged to rekindle their love flame

In his Patheos blog, Wake Up Call, Tom Rapsas writes "Marriage Advice from an Unlikely Source: Jesus" based on Thomas Moore's translation of The Book of Mark in his GOSPEL series of translations with commentary. Rapsas shares:
"... I was thrilled when Care of the Soul author Thomas Moore began putting out a series of books on the four Gospels. There may be no better guide to the intricacies of Jesus’s teachings than Moore, a former monk who lived in a Catholic religious order for 12 years, and who went on to become a psychotherapist and perhaps the greatest spiritual writer of our time.
In his latest release, Gospel – the Book of Mark, Moore has translated the original text into very understandable English, reinterpreting some passages while providing a running commentary that illuminates the meaning of Jesus’s words and actions. In the introduction to the book, Moore reminds us that Jesus did not set out to create a religion or church."
Regarding Mark 10, Rapsas concludes, "It goes without saying, that when in an abusive relationship divorce may be the only viable solution. But when one enters a marriage in love, and the love seems to dim, there are always ways to rekindle the flame."