Saturday, February 06, 2016

New Hampshire author Tom Paine reads Moore

New Hampshire Public Radio's The Bookshelf talks with "Portsmouth Author Tom Paine on Fiction, Teaching Creative Writing, and Nature". His new collection of short stories, A Boy’s Book of Nervous Breakdowns, features people on the verge of losing their minds ..." "Paine teaches in the MFA program of the University of New Hampshire and his stories have appeared in the New Yorker, Harper’s, Glimmer Train, and other publications." Thomas Moore tops Paine's recommendation of 5 books on his bookshelf.
"1. Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore. 'There are some books one keeps by the bedside table, and this is one of them. Finding an author who speaks to you is as hard as finding a good friend. But Moore finds the soul in everyday life. He made it okay to be an everyday mystic, jaw agape, and allowed me to think I am okay as I am in this hustling, chilly, mercantile world. He's a genius.'"
Listen to Paine's conversation with Peter Biello, or read the transcript.