Monday, November 09, 2015

Christ Church opens inclusive center in Houston

The Houston Chronicle publishes "Church will offer options for 'spiritual, not religious' generation" by Kyrie O'Connor who describes a new center that will "focus on community over doctrine."
"In January, The Bishop John E. Hines Center for Spirituality and Prayer will open in a repurposed printing plant at 500 Fannin, just across the street from Christ Church. The new space — harnessing a countervailing force in spirituality that has taken root nationwide — will incorporate elements from Eastern religions and emphasize community over doctrine, offering yoga classes and a labyrinth where visitors can walk and meditate."
"A recent Pew Research Center Study showed that 35 percent of millennials list their religious affiliation as "none" — but that doesn't mean they're all atheists. The Hines Center hopes to reconnect to those millennials who fall into the category of "spiritual, not religious," [Rev. Barkley] Thompson said." 
The article quotes Thomas Moore, author of A Religion of One's Own:
"I travel quite a bit, and I hear this all over," he said.  Young people's needs are often not being met.
"They are not fed by traditional Christian and Jewish religion. They want something, but they can't go back." While he sees plenty of people who are soothed and strengthened by tradition, it's not for everyone.
"It's a tougher world, and you have to think for yourself more," Moore said."