Sunday, October 04, 2015

Soulful marriage: friendship, sexuality, intimacy

In Fr René Camilleri's piece, "Soul of marriage" for The Times of Malta, he states, "Marriage takes place in the realm of the soul and it is only there that we can come to a deep and meaningful understanding of what marriage is about." He includes:
"The Second Vatican Council more than 50 years ago affirmed that it is the intimate partnership of life and love that constitutes the essence of marriage. This is far from the perception and understanding of marriage as a contract that still underpins the way the Church’s tribunals themselves operate. Perhaps this is why this way of working things out is becoming gradually outdated even in the Church itself, thanks to the reforms under way with Pope Francis and hopefully in the upcoming synod of bishops in Rome.

It is no small thing in marriage to struggle for its soul, transforming old and raw frustrations and emotional blocks until it is free of interference. Writer Thomas Moore, in his book The Soul of Sex, writes that this is the nature of the deep alchemy by which we rough and primitive individuals become people of refined sensibility capable of union with other humans." 
While contemplating relationships, Camilleri writes, "Jesus’s call is not simply a call to go back to some doctrine or law. It is a call to uncover the depths we all carry inside us, to explore deep down what Pascal had named the reasons of the heart."

Readings: Genesis 2, 18-24; Hebrews 2, 9-11; Mark 10, 2-16.