Friday, September 04, 2015

What desires bring students to your classroom?

Because many in the northern hemisphere are starting the school year, we share "Encouraging Students To Be More Interactive In Class" by Lesley D. Harman, Faculty Associate, Teaching Support Centre at Western University, London, Ontario. Harman talks about Thomas Moore's presentation in Toronto at the Holistic Learning conference in 2001 during which Moore showed his "calm and stubborn idealism."

 Harman's points are valuable now as new student-teacher relationships develop: "To return to the basic question which guides Moore's analysis, "What does the soul need?", Moore quotes Jung when he says the goal should be "to dream the dream onward". For Moore this means not to do anything to stop it, because the soul will stop too. A "stopped soul" in the classroom is one that will not engage. Every student has something to say."