Sunday, July 12, 2015

Be sensitive to moments when soul is present

Leadership coach Dan Oestreich writes the blog post, "Unfolding Leadership" about soul experiences in our lives: "As someone whose life work is devoted to helping others in leadership roles, the very idea that there are such moments of awakening insight is an indelible part of my coaching and consulting practice. Without such moments when our soul comes forward, not just in our work, but in our lives, too, we lose personal meaning. . . . But this concept also raises questions, 'What is my soul?' after all and, indeed, 'When have I felt it come forward?'" Oestreich continues:
"Only you can answer these questions, of course. And if you are really intrigued with them, I’d say find a copy of Thomas Moore’s powerful book, Care of the Soul. Moore, a therapist, gracefully tracks the notion that our lives are filled with sacred moments when the soul is especially present, even when we might not notice — or might not want to notice — what is going on. Soul doesn’t show up only in peak moments of release and positive inspiration, but also in moments of conflict, even despair. The soul isn’t only an optimist, helping us charge ahead with our unique passions. It can also bring us up short, teach us something about compassion, humility, tolerance and the other deeper virtues. "
Oestreich then describes a client's concern about abruptness and impatience in his technical role and looks at the soul perspective.