Thursday, January 03, 2013

Spirituality includes ordinary daily nurtured ritual

"Modern life dangerously lacks felt and meaningful ritual and mysterious methods of intuitive guidance." 
— Thomas Moore @thomasmooreSoul 30 December 2012

Leigh Hopkins uses Thomas Moore’s book Care of the Soul as a resource for her blog post, "Creating a Sacred Space: The Importance of Ritual and Retreat in Spiritual Practice" in which she recommends ways to practice daily spirituality. The entry includes quotes from Moore's book and links to examples of sacred space.

"Spirituality is seeded, germinates, sprouts, and blossoms in the mundane. It is to be found and nurtured in the smallest of daily activities … the spirituality that feeds the soul may be found in those sacred objects that dress themselves in the accoutrements of the ordinary."
— Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul