Friday, January 25, 2013

Soul refers to depth, value, relatedness, heart

Freelance travel writer Colleen Friesen declares that soul is her goal for 2013 in her post "Care of the Soul", while acknowledging "But this, of course, is exactly what Moore is saying NOT to do," in his book with the same title. She continues, "Caring for my soul is not a goal-oriented exercise, but rather, a way of living deeply in our world however it presents itself. It is not something I can work at so much as be with."

She suggests, "Bringing awareness and curious consideration to all that we do, risking connection by being open and vulnerable, daring to voice our thoughts, paying attention to ourselves, our surroundings and others is a recipe for a more soul-filled life."

Friesen shares, "I haven’t quite finished this book, though it’s apparent (based on the exclamation marks and underlined passages) that I’ve read it before. But I often need to read books over and over; absorbing, reflecting and relearning. Sometimes what was interesting and necessary to know at one time is not what I’m looking for during the next reading."