Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Moore praised as greatest living spirituality writer

Thomas Moore is soul whisperer according to Tom Rapsas' blog entry today, "The Soul Whisperer: Thomas Moore and the care and understanding of our souls" on the Patheos site. Rapsas asserts:
"Moore is a writer’s writer in that every chapter, every paragraph, every sentence is packed with meaning. There’s no skimming a Thomas Moore book. Page after page, he digs deeper than any writer I know to come up with the rich truths and compelling mysteries that are buried within each of us, then expounds upon them beautifully.
As you can probably tell I’m a huge Moore fan, his writings literally do whisper to and stir my soul. I believe he is our greatest living spirituality writer, and in a world where The Secret tops the self-help book charts, his great body of work gets nowhere near the attention it deserves."
Before including brief passages from the following books by Moore, Rapsas writes, "... I’ve pulled out passages from several of my favorite texts below — but consider this merely a few drops from a vast sea of compelling work. I highly recommend you pick up one of his books, on whichever topic interests you most, and dig in. It will be time very well spent."

The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life, (1996)  
The Soul of Sex, (1998)  
Original Self, (2000)  
The Soul’s Religion, (2002)  
Dark Nights of The Soul, (2004)  
Writing in the Sand, (2009)