Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Moore's books recommended for holiday wish list

At the beginning of this month Judith Dreyer writes, "December is here, a time of Christmas, the joy of new beginnings and gifts. We gather and share and think of others with our gifts. I would like to focus on three men and suggest that these authors make your wish lists this holiday season."

On her blog At the Garden's Gate, Dreyer names "3 Remarkable Men: Their Gifts", men whose writings she has found helpful through the years. She first describes three books by Thomas Moore: Care of the Soul, A Life at Work, Dark Nights of the Soul. Dreyer responds, "He reminds me most importantly to accept it all, to let the pot simmer a bit with all I have put in. I enjoy his reminder of the process, to embrace the deep knowing of who I am."

She then acknowledges Wayne Dyer and Alan Cohen. In her previous post Dreyer lists three women who inspire her.