Friday, October 12, 2012

Learning may lead to a more vibrant and active life

Writer Diana Raab blogs "The Spiritual Practice of Learning" that mentions Thomas Moore's recent column in Spirituality and Health, "The Spiritual Practice of Study". Raab recounts that when she is asked about why she is pursuing a doctorate in psychology given that she is almost 60 years old: "My answer is simple. I love learning. I don’t attend temple. I don’t attend church, but I do meditate frequently and my meditations always remind me about my joy for learning and books. I have always been that way and actually most of us do not change that much as we age, but our strengths and weaknesses might just become more apparent."

Raab describes ways to achieve focus and to identify emotional styles and strengths that may contribute to learning. She includes, "Moore admits, and I certainly agree that he would love to see more people relish in the joy of study and learning. The mere act of learning not only makes us more interesting people, but it might expose us to new opportunities that lead a more active and vibrant life."