Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blogger regards distraction as tool of propaganda

The writer of All Things Religious shares her summer reading of two books in yesterday's post "Got Soul?":  
Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore (1992)  
What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me by Rielle Hunter (2012)

She slips into equating soul with spirit while linking historical events with current political concerns, "For you skeptics or atheists I would say there is an essence or spirit in us and around us that offers energy and life lessons. These forces, as I have experienced them, have both light and darkness. Many people label energy, people and events as good and evil, of God or the Devil. As you wish. The problem is that when you are busy labeling the source, you may miss the message. Socially this matters because in the labeling, we distract each other from the root of the suffering that then goes unaddressed. The most powerful tool of propaganda and oppression is DISTRACTION."

Before sharing an original poem about animal friends, the post concludes, "So I thank Rielle Hunter for telling me an interesting story on my vacation. And I thank Thomas Moore for reminding me to listen to the subtle and too quiet songs of my soul."