Saturday, February 04, 2012

Cultivating soul includes reading the signs

The blogger of Livefromafar considers the possibility of "making life over 50 vibrant and fulfilling" in her post "Paralysis: Two months later" that quotes Thomas Moore's book Care of the Soul as backdrop to the idea that life will be fulfilling when she participates in social programs "such as land conservation, hunger mitigation, improving opportunities for women..." She writes:
"In my dining room, I redesigned an alter to my soul, adding photos of my children and some of my own watercolors to the religious sculptures already sitting there. I lit three candles instead of one every evening to bring in more flame. I accepted the “Hera” part of myself that is impatient and unkind – the revengeful Hera that Moore says the Greeks celebrated along with their better well behaved deities. He says on Page 106, “Its curious that in Greek mythology the wife of the greatest of the gods is known primarily for her jealousy.” He says on page 95 that “Outward community flourishes when we are in touch with the inner persons who crowd our dreams and waking thoughts.” Boy am I in touch with them – they leave me no rest from 2:30 a.m. onward!
The response to following her soul's desire? "And here is the rub: now that I am wholeheartedly ready to give, the non profit world closes its doors, and says in effect, 'at your age, over 50, we want you to volunteer, not get paid.' That presses my fear button." Three months ago the blogger mentions Moore's book in her entry "Care of the soul means ...?".