Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Blogger listens to Thomas Moore on creativity

The sentimentalization of creativity resonates with Gary Lee Joyner as he listens to Thomas Moore's audio lecture, The Soul of Creativity. Joyner writes about this in his post, "Layers of Creativity": "I have listened to this recording many times. I could recite some of it from memory, but I always get something new and fresh out of it. Like all ideas that have legs Moore’s are amplified by whatever is on my mind at the time I listen to them." Joyner layers Moore's work with  Bill Martin's book, Avant Rock: Experimental Music From the Beatles to Bjork (2002). His post includes ingredients for creating tasty pancakes.

Thomas Moore writes about "Daily Creativity" on his own blog.

5 minute audio sample from Thomas Moore on Creativity.
A different audio sample from this program.

Thomas Moore on Creativity
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