Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Kenison writes about soulful living with children

"Mitten Strings for God" is the title of a post by Cooney and Jones (Radio for Women), and the title of a book by Katrina Kenison. The post includes:
 "Kenison’s children were 5 and 8 when she wrote her first book, but her journey began long before that. She had been reading a book by Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul.  In the book, Moore said to “remember what it was like to be a child again.”  These words struck a chord in Kenison.  She remembered being bored as a kid and having to think up games to play; getting dirty outside, imagination and play were key. There were no daily dance classes, baseball, football, etc… Maybe one or two, but definitely not all in the same week.  She realized she was responsible for not just room, board, activities and carpool for her children but was entrusted to care for their souls."
This post includes four guidelines for living soulfully with children and reactions from others who enjoy the book's themese of Quiet and Simplifying. Kenison also wrote, The Gift of the Ordinary Day: A Mother's Memoir.  A YouTube video shows her reading from this book. Her third book describes empty nesters: "It will be about discovering who you are after the kids are gone. About redefining and reinventing yourself ..."