Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Group talks of metanoia and baptism symbols

Thomas Moore’s book, Writing in the Sand: Jesus and the Soul of the Gospels, guides discussion of David Elliott’s adult seminar in his 6 December post, "A Radical Shift of Vision – Part 2". In his description of the meeting, Elliott writes,
"Mary Jane picked up on Nancy’s theme and talked about how so much of education particularly of young children stifles creativity. Many modern toys that blink and make sounds don’t allow for kids to build their own universe of meaning. Bill followed a similar pattern of life to Thomas Moore and took us on a journey that I wouldn’t try to duplicate. Can you remember what you said Bill that caused Jim to respond quietly "That’s profound!"

We then spent a few moments reflecting on the symbols of baptism that go along with metanoia, water and fire. Bill discussed the significance of water in a culture where water was special and a daily shower was unheard of and being washed with the soul of life caused you to see things afresh and the fire of the sun. Both are necessary for life."
Near the end of his post, Elliott includes, "We didn’t get to talk much about the "fruit" of spiritual revisioning." Perhaps this topic will be included next week. For earlier Barque coverage of the group's reflections about Moore's Writing in the Sand, see:

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