Thursday, December 02, 2010

Gospels: intelligent, grounded, mystical healing

David Elliott posts his seminar group’s investigation of Thomas Moore’s Writing in the Sand: Jesus and the Soul of the Gospels in his blog entry "A Radical Shift of Vision" on 30 November 2010. Elliott suggests the "entire book is summarized on page 26":
"Change of heart (metanoia)
brings you into the kingdom (basilea)
where you discover the power of love (agape)
to heal. (therapeia)"
Elliott continues, "This is deceptively simple but goes beyond where most authors take us. Moore discusses the baptism by water and fire as the process: "your egotism has to be burned away. Your neurotic agenda, so long in the way, must vanish so you can be a conduit of healing." ... Could the Gospels be a source of "intelligent, grounded, yet mystical healing?" (p. 28) His challenge is that we have more than a more helpful understanding of Jesus or the right attitude of service as we live our lives but that "Then we would see clearly that metanoia is a change in being, not just mind and behavior. When you undergo this transformation, radically and profoundly, you become a healing presence." (p. 28) The group keeps its focus on metanoia for its next session.