Monday, June 21, 2010

Blogger summarizes points from Soul Mates

Today Tuesday Grier, a graduate student in Art History at New York Univeristy, blogs summary notes about Thomas Moore's book, Soul Mates. She divides her notes under section headings, and then paraphrases Moore's observations or quotes the book, sometimes with page numbers or her own comments. Under "The Soul in Love", two points are:
  • Samuel Beckett was notorious for his love of his sparse apartment and for his resistance to the world. "All I want to do is sit on my ass and fart and think of Dante." (This reminded me of the much less coarse John Maeda quote, "All I want to be is someone who makes new things and thinks about them.")
  • Marcilio Ficino, Renaissance philosopher, Neo-Platonist, (declared heretical by the Catholic Church) who insisted upon the immortality of the soul.
Her last point, under "Endings" is:
  • p. 197 I realize that friends and professionals sometimes urge those who suffer an ending in a relationship to hold the other responsible, or tell them that they should move on in life, happy to be rid of such an irresponsible partner, but that hero's way of conquering the death of the relationship defends against the initiation that is offered.