Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter is a time to reflect about renewal

Today, The Coyote Exchange offers a post about soul at Easter based on quotes from Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul. The entry includes:
"Living soulfully is not the reflection of a perfectly crafted life, one of intellectual, serious undertaking, or a perfect display of self all the time – it is the awareness and the wisdom in reflecting on moments in our life that are dark and light – periods of 'grandeur' and 'foolishness'. As Thomas Moore summarizes in his last chapter, "when in the midst of my confusion and my stumbling attempts to live a transparent life, I am the fool, and not everyone around me, then I know I am discovering the power of the soul to make a life interesting. Ultimately, care of the soul results in an individual ‘I’ – I never would have planned for or maybe even wanted."

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