Friday, January 01, 2010

Bloggers appreciate Moore's sensitivity to learning

Phil Marsosudiro writes about "Care of the Soul (Thomas Moore) and Careers" on 27 December 2009, suggesting:
"In the soul, power doesn't work the same way as it does in the ego and will. When we want to accomplish something egotistical, we gather our strength, develop a strategy, and applying every effort... The power of the soul, in contrast... is natural, not manipulated, and stems from an unknown source. Our role with this kind of power is to be an attentive observer noticing how the soul wants to thrust itself into our life. It is also our task to find artful means of articulating and structuring that power, taking full responsibility for it, but trusting too that the soul has intentions and necessities that we may understand only partially."
Marsosudiro quotes Thomas Moore's book, Care of the Soul, including:
"Maybe we could all use an emptying out of identity now and then. Considering who we are not, we may find the surprising revelation of who we are."
The following day, the Simple Mind Zen blog presents "The Teacher" in which the blogger continues discussion of Moore's book, The Soul's Religon:
"Thus as Thomas Moore notes from his own life experience, imperfection is a good and valued part of education, of both the student and the teacher. In the best moments of teaching, an alchemy or a deep moment of newness of creation, a mystery transpires between two or more persons engaged in this process of experience and perfection. "When a teacher evokes the deep process of imparting and learning subtle aspects of life's mysteries, the teaching goes on." And like any creative activity, teaching "happens best when a muse is present, initiating something far deeper" in the exchange."

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