Monday, July 13, 2009

Writing in the Sand recommended by reviewer

Creative Chronicler reviews Thomas Moore's latest book, Writing in the Sand on her blog today. She recommends the book, "In Writing in the Sand, Moore takes you on a ground-breaking journey through the Gospels and the teachings of Jesus. Moore gives you Jesus - the Visitor, the Shaman, the Healer, and the Man. He shows you a refreshing look at the Gospels, where the Kingdom is not a place we seek at our death, but waiting inside us to be awakened."

The reviewer touches on Moore's presentation of Jesus, approaches to demons and the sensuality of the Gospels. She includes, "Writing in the Sand has many profound insights. It is an addictive read that compels you to stop and think of the implications in your own life, in your own actions and views, before spurring you on to the next page. And yet, one is riveted by this author's point of view and finds it hard to set it down."

She also suggests, "The introduction in Writing in the Sand, alone could serve as a catalyst for a new way of thinking."

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