Monday, July 27, 2009

Parenting may be one feature of a life at work

The Mommy-Muse Blog offers a recent post, "Parenting as an Opus", that looks at the audio book, Thomas Moore on Meaningful Work (1997). The blogger writes, "I was struck by Thomas Moore’s suggestion that we think of our life’s work as an opus. Most commonly applied to music or other works of art, the Latin term opus refers to any work or accomplishment. Certainly, our work as parents can easily be thought of as an opus! I am embracing these highly empowering thoughts from Thomas Moore on Meaningful Work, and applying them to my life as a parent..."

The blogger then selects four Moore quotes and describes how they apply to parenting.

This audio book is available on cassettes or as a download and may be sampled on the linked site.

Moore develops this idea of work as an opus in his recent print book, A Life at Work (2008).

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