Saturday, July 11, 2009

A job is one feature of a soulful life at work

"A Life's Work" at Graceful Yoga muses about reactions to Thomas Moore's A Life at Work. Grace writes, "The book certainly doesn’t urge you to rashly quit your job for the sake of your soul." She continues, "So even though I may get more satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment after spending two hours ranking grass clippings and spreading them around in my veggie garden than I do in my job doesn’t mean my job is wrong for me; in fact, it is an aid in that it allows me ample time to pursue my callings and interests and provides relative financial comfort—and for that I am grateful."

In June, Grace blogged, "I just started reading Thomas Moore's Care Of The Soul which so far is using myths and stories to help us accept our humanity instead of trying to, usually unsuccessfully, transcend our very humanness. By creating our own soul stories, we care for the soul and cultivate dept and sacredness in everyday life. I like the book so far, but still too early for a full book report."

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