Monday, July 06, 2009

Embrace the dark night as a teacher and friend

The blog, Personal Growth with Corinne Edwards, includes a reader's praise for Thomas Moore's writing. Here's the exchange (in modified format):

Lily Rose July 3, 2009 at 11:22 am
To each his own and my taste is for the wonderful Thomas Moore – who does NOT have all the answers. I suggest you do something with him. I have met him and I know you have interviewed him. He has a gentle way of accepting and embracing both the dark side and the light side. His book Dark Nights of the Soul has a permanent residence on my night stand. This guy doesn’t do "Happy Talk" or give out that re-hash "The Secret"... he says life has both sides and the dark is there as a teacher and how about embracing it. And he doesn’t have "7 Reasons /Steps" why you should buy his book!!!! Life has a hard side and he doesn’t abandon it. He suggests we embrace it. The dark side has been my great teacher and I don’t run from it any longer. I just pick up that book and really see the beauty in my pain. Then magically – it becomes my friend – and then after a time goes away!!! We really don’t "live happily ever after". Moore’s book should be taught to every kid over the age of reason. And we need to permanently erase the word "victim" and insert "student"!!

I studied Kaballah for a few years and I once asked my rabbi — "Why are we here?" — and he said "To get better".
Corinne July 3, 2009 at 11:39 am
Dear Lily Rose,
I loved this — I studied Kaballah for a few years and I once asked my rabbi — "Why are we here?" — and he said "To get better". I guess that says it all.

Thomas Moore did not give too many interviews. He is essentially a shy person. I was very complimented when he came back to me after each one of his books. He told me I made him feel comfortable. He is truly a holy man — and so honest. Originally, as you know he was a monk — and then left to marry and have children. I once asked him if he was eccentric and he said, "Yes." How great is that? No pretenses at all. I love that man.

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