Friday, May 01, 2009

Creativity processes include incubation periods

In today's Innovation on My Mind blog post, Adam Shames talks about an Incubation period during the creative process. Under the headline, "Ode to Incubation (i.e., slacking off)," Shames says,
"Thomas Moore, in his classic audio On Creativity (which I highly recommend), makes clear that stopping, even drying up, is part of the creative process. "We don’t always have to be in a fertile place," he says. "The spring doesn’t have to be bubbling all the time, just as in nature there’s a time seasonally for the rivers and creeks to dry up. In the same way, our own creative process can have its moments of stoppage ... there may be some very good reasons, good results from having a dry period.""
Shames, having studied creativity for more than twenty years, wants his blog to offer "insights, tools and reflections to bring more creativity and innovation to our lives, organizations, education and culture."

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