Friday, April 17, 2009

Soul infuses workplace with sense of belonging

Today, Monte E. Wilson writes about soul missing in our lives: "As a coach, one of the more common problems my clients wrestle with is the issue of what author Thomas Moore refers to as loss of soul: the loss of a sense of wholeness, feeling disconnected from life."

Wilson incudes passages of Fernando Pessoa’s poem "There is a sickness worse than sickness" before quoting Moore’s A Life at Work:
"Feelings of belonging, connection, history, and involvement may seem secondary to the person designing and managing the job, but these soul qualities have everything to do with good and fulfilling work. They may appear to be second in importance to productivity and efficiency, and yet they have an impact on the success of the work being done. Tardiness, absenteeism, and sloppy work are often due to the absence of soul in the workplace."
Wilson includes suggestions for readers experiencing the missing soul, while recommending Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul and Dark Nights of the Soul.

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