Saturday, April 18, 2009

Discussion of water therapy includes Moore

Sara Firman is involved in a spa-retreat consultancy, focusing on water therapies. On her Aquapoetics blog, today’s post, "Diving deeper: shamanic, yogic, scientific and poetic paths", is one in a series about aquatic bodywork that refers to Thomas Moore’s book, Care of the Soul, p. 175:
"We may understand the body as a collection of facts, but if we also grant it its soul, it is an inexhaustible source of 'signs'. Tending the body in all its physicality, but also with imagination, is a important part of care of the soul. But such a project calls for an approach that is difficult to conjure up in an age of facts - medical poetics."
Firman quotes Carl Jung, describes the image of kundalini, and mentions dreaming in this watery post. She provides links to her earlier posts in this series and indicates topics for future entries.

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