Saturday, February 28, 2009

Read description of Moore as spiritual visionary

Maya Kumar Mitchell’s description of Thomas Moore as a visionary of the 20th century is available for reading online through Google Books. Visionaries, the 20th Century’s 100 Most Important Inspirational Leaders (2007) is edited by Satish Kumar and Freddie Whitefield.

The entry for Moore, starting on page 188, includes:
"When Moore speaks of religion he sees an opportunity to reawaken the soul within many practices, enabling a new lease of life and power within our religions. At the heart of religion there is always mystery, and this is where soul can find the space it needs. At the same time religion offers us rituals and traditions, whose symbolism is a rich language for the soul. In our modern world we can observe a split between mind and body, spirituality and materialism, ongoing dualisms which entice us to one extreme or the another. But soul can be found in the middle, "holding together ideas and life". Thus soul work is vital in the effort to rebalance the radical consequences of the spiritual/material split, which we see on a global scale."

Barque profiles this book in a November 2007 entry.

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