Friday, October 24, 2008

Moore's SoulMates enchants reader

Today, at the Happiness Practice blog, Argent describes picking up Thomas Moore's SoulMates (1994) at a thrift shop. This blogger says, "I love reading the foreword or preface section in a book. It seems like I'm having a private chat with the writer before he gets down to business of yakking about his topic. For example in SoulMates, Thomas Moore captures me entirely with these words:
"My conviction is that deep changes in life follow movements in imagination." and
"The soul has a strong desire and need for intimacy, and it loves vernacular life -the particular place, family, friends, and neighborhood that are part of our daily lives." or
"Soul does love imagination, though and my emphasis throughout this book is on deepening and enriching our imaginations."

I'm a sucker for this type of come hither talk at the beginning of a book. There was no way I was going to be going astray from the relationship started in the preface of such a darling book. I was his. And now I'm afraid. I'll be spending all my time with my new book and new writer lover. It is shameful how much time I spend in happiness - reading in the arms of a literary love."
May Argent's future posts describe continuing reactions to Moore's SoulMates.

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