Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Explore later life for meaning and enjoyment

Today in Fort Worth, Texas, the Star-Telegram publishes "Later years are prime time for inner rejuvenation" by Karla Uecker. Before describing five ways to engage with the world, Uecker quotes Terry Stevens:

"Others may respond to a more esoteric approach such as one recommended by Terry Stevens, a Fort Worth-based life and leadership coach. Many people do find a freshness in their later years, she said, because they just didn’t have the time or resources to do so earlier. Later life allows us "to savor the moment in a way that is not available to us when we are raising our kids," she said. "I like to recommend that people read poetry ... pick up things that were left behind in the busyness of raising children and making careers."
"Another resource for inner rejuvenation could be Thomas Moore’s Care of The Soul, which Stevens recommends as "a book that helps a person to reflect about what makes meaning, and what is important in their lives."

"It is thoughtful and reflective," Stevens says of Moore’s book. "That might be one way for a person to go inside."
Books by James Hollis also address this theme of mid-life rejuvenation.