Thursday, July 03, 2008

A meaningful life at work fulfills creative needs

On Monday 30 June, writing coach and visual artist in eastern Iowa, Suzanne Kelsey blogs about "Why We Want to Create", quoting a passage from Thomas Moore’s column in the 2008 March-April issue of Spirituality and Health:
"C.G. Jung once described creativity as an instinct. If I do something creative in a day, I can sleep well. I’m relaxed. But if the practical world of traveling and family and obligation prevents me from doing something creative – if I can’t make anything – I feel tired and sick and somewhat depressed."
Kelsey then explores our need to create.

On the same day, in Salt Lake City’s Deseret News, Susan Whitney reviews Thomas Moore’s A Life at Work under the headline "Listen to learn true calling, author says". Whitney concludes her review with,
"Does talk of loving your work seem like a luxury? Moore's new book will convince the reader that it is not selfish to seek deep satisfaction. At the very least, you'll come away from this book thinking that being open to new callings can give your life more meaning.

And finally, he advises, "You don't have to look for perfection. Dark shadows from the past may always color what you are doing. ...A life work is more a sensation than a fact, a realization that your work has been meaningful and not that it has finally become complete and flawless."

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