Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Creative arts therapies mentioned at lecture

While describing her breakfast of Tofu Scramble today, Laura Muraco says she attended a recent talk by Thomas Moore and wrote on her blog, "Lately I went to a lecture given by the great Thomas Moore he is the author of Care of the Soul which after hearing his lecture I know I must read. Basically he is a brilliant psychologist who has a very spiritual and archetypal approach. One thing that was discussed were creative arts therapies. Drama Therapy was mentioned and my heart buzzed with excitement. The keystone in my passion for Theater is the gateway it provides for deep expression and loss of ego. I believe it is just such a beautiful medium to transcend perceptions that divide us from one another and ourselves. I am definitely going to do more research on this field because it really pulled my heartstrings hearing about it."

Editor's Note:
Moore has been a psychotherapist, not a psychologist.

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