Thursday, July 05, 2007

Alternative weekly editor mentions Moore

Editor of Port Folio Weekly, Tom Robotham wrote a column, "Holiness of the Heart’s Affections" on June 19, 2007 about the alternative weekly possibly publishing a "body and soul" issue. After mentioning an email message from a friend he writes, "As often happens after a fruitful conversation or email exchange, I go into my library in search of books that will help deepen my meditation on the topic at hand. In this case, the book that presented itself was a half-forgotten volume called Care of the Soul, by Thomas Moore, a psychologist and former Catholic monk."

When talking about Moore’s ideas, Robotham includes the quote,
"Care of the soul begins with observance of how the soul manifests itself and how it operates. We can’t care for the soul unless we are familiar with its ways. Observance is a word from ritual and religion. It means to watch out for but also to keep and honor, as in the observance of a holiday. The serv in observance originally referred to tending sheep. Observing the soul, we keep an eye on its sheep, on whatever is wandering and grazing — the latest addiction, a striking dream, or a troubling mood."
The editor discusses his experiences of meditation and views of current education.