Saturday, September 30, 2006

Quote to help with customers buying furniture

This week, Furniture World features Cathy Finney’s 2002 article about satisfying customers emotionally during furniture purchases, "Persuading Customers To Buy Isn't Logical." Finney quotes Thomas Moore to support her approach:
"The tragedy of September 11th has us all cleaning our houses physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our families, our homes, and even our spirituality have all taken on new meaning. Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul, makes the connection between spirituality and caring for the home. To quote Mr. Moore, "How you treat the space around you affects your mental and spiritual health."
Our customers are "cleaning house" and putting their priorities in order. September 11th was a wake up call reminding them of what’s really important. Home is where the heart is and they are going back there. They have gone from cocooning, to nesting, to burrowing. They are digging in. The role of furniture in turning a house into a home has never been more important."
Furniture World describes itself as the business solutions magazine for home furnishings retailers.