Saturday, July 22, 2006

Knowing nature is the revelation of divinity

"The monk’s relationship with nature is essential to life, but this relationship is not sentimental. It is not basically aesthetic, not environmental, not naturalist, not agricultural. The monk knows that without a constant and intimate relationship with nature, divinity is not fully revealed."
The Norman Transcript in Norman, Okla., published an article by Rosemary Somers Ford, July 20, 2006, about knowing nature through intimate relationship. She found the above quote in Thomas Moore’s small book, Meditations: On the Monk Who Dwells in Daily Life.

Ford writes, "Moore, beginning at age 13, spent the next 12 years of his life in the Servite Order training for the Catholic priesthood and left only months before he was to be ordained. He has since managed to translate his early experiences into a way of being "in the world, but not of the world" for those who like me, stumble upon his writings. I eagerly welcomed his way of thinking and have tried to incorporate it into my life. I am constantly aware these days that our poor planet is under attack by interests unwilling to acknowledge their methods of "progress" are polluting our air and water and killing off innocent wildlife."

She urges, "If you are an outdoor person it is essential to seek out candidates of like mind when it comes time to make a choice at your local polling place. A good place to begin is with someone who acknowledges there is global warming and that, sadly, our water supply is limited. Without those who care about nature being elected as our representatives, we only will see more pollution and natural beauty, now slowly slipping away from our world, will be under heightened attack."

Ford closes with another quote by Moore,
"Without knowing nature we cannot know who we are or what we are to do. Nature shapes us as much as we shape nature, and in that mutual engagement is the fulfillment of both."
She suggests that without a constant and intimate relationship with nature, divinity (and life) is not fully revealed.