Friday, July 07, 2006

Hanley and partner open yoga and art studio

Thomas Moore's wife, Joan Hanley opened Kundalini Yoga Studio and Art Gallery on Main Street in Wilton, New Hampshire earlier this year with business partner, Susan Quaglia Brown. Class schedules are available on Hanley's site In The Bulletin of the Main Street Association, Hanley said "Susan and I are both artists and art just has to be part of anything we do. The two activities share the space easily. We have a lighted mini-art exhibit in the windows 24/7. Twice a year, we will install a big showing." The partners planned a large showing for the Summer Solstice.

According to the Bulletin, the downtown location serves to bring yoga to the mainstream. Hanley observed, "I am happy to say also having the studio downtown, we have more men in yoga class - one of my classes is half men. I think this diverse involvement comes from being in a downtown setting."

The newsletter announced "the studio features works of art by Joan, Susan and other local artists and will have open art studio times."

Joan Hanley and Susan Quaglia Brown