Friday, May 06, 2005

Writer of "Soulful Sex" Praises Moore

In a recent release, author Diana Laurence pays homage to Thomas Moore and his influence on her writing “erotica with soul.” In the release, Laurence says, "My philosophy is that erotica can be good for you, a sort of literary health food that brightens the spirit, inspires creativity, and helps balance the psyche.” Laurence describes herself as “a devotee of Thomas Moore, the Jungian ex-monk who authored ‘The Soul of Sex.’"

"The 'soul' in my writing can be traced to my appreciation of a broad and spiritual understanding of the place of erotica in life," Laurence said. "What I learned from Thomas Moore is that reading erotica is recreation, but in the literal sense of the word: not just empty fun but an exercise in refreshing the soul. Because the union of sexuality and the imagination creates such powerful alchemy, it can bring us insight into who we are, what we want from life, and how to live more fully and more peacefully with ourselves." Additional information is at Laurence's web site.