Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Original Self on the Web

"It may be more important to be awake than to be successful, balanced, or healthy. What does it mean to be awake? Perhaps to be living with a lively imagination, responding honestly and courageously to opportunity and avoiding the temptation to follow mere habit or collective values. It means to be an individual, in every instance manifesting the originality of who we are. This is the ultimate form of creativity – following the lead of the deep soul as we make a life…"
– Thomas Moore

Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat present a brief review in Spirituality & Health. Joni Praded, in her review for Beliefnet concludes that Moore has created a book for "nurturing the soul, appreciating its eccentricities, and letting those eccentricities take a seat at the steering wheel of our daily lives."

Although Juliet Waters questions how to "market a book about the soul without convincing the world that they have a desperate need for one," she admits after reading the book, "I wouldn't call it in any way a bogus inquiry into the soul." Her review runs in the Montreal Mirror.

Maureen Jenkins talks about the book’s
background and development in her article, "Author offers ways to save self" published 6 March 2000 by the Laredo Morning Times.